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About us

Architectural Modeling Consulting is a B2B Architectural Consulting Firm that offers support services to Architects, Designers and Developers.

Our support staff are architectural graduates with experience in a wide range of scales and architectural programs.

Our methodology is based on a telecommuting model. We work as a team from various locations completely online with the latest architectural software applications.

Our coordinated teamwork allows us to perform with quick turnover schedules completing our deliverables on time.

From this architectural background and technical skill is how our company obtains high-quality results. Our highly qualified human resources, our extensive architectural experience, and technological knowledge, our dedication and professional client service make us an exceptional candidate for your architectural support services.

Our services


We provide BIM-Revit Architecture services to support your firm during peak demand periods, aggressive deadlines or on specific projects. Our BIM services include creating a new BIM model from an existing .dwg or pdf file. From this new BIM model/.rvt file, we can generate the 2D documentation (floor plans, sections, elevations, etc.), schedules and quantity take-offs.

If various BIM models are created by consultants, we can perform a “clash detection” to verify the locations and interruptions of the various MEP installations. We produce the .rvt model for an LOD (Level of Development) of 200-350 from an existing .dwg or .pdf file. If an LOD of 400-500 is needed, the model elements will be represented and specified according to the existing construction details provided by the client.


Architectural Renderings are graphic representations used to present and showcase an architectural project. We can produce Architectural Renderings from an existing image, an existing 3D model or, we can produce the 3D model and render it. This is an iterative process where we work with the client to achieve a desired image.

In general, the process will have a first preliminary rendering or modeling for the client to comment on. Then, we will reiterate the process to make modifications based on the clients’ comments of preliminary views.

From this process we achieve a final rendered view with the resulting image. The rendering can be created from a 3d model over a modeled background or it can be a photomontage over an existing background (image). We will suggest which process is best for each individual rendering based on the graphic information available and the desired outcome.


Our drafting services are provided for architectural documentation. We provide this documentation both in .dwg and .rvt file formats (Autocad and Revit). The documentation can be created from existing cad and pdf files. The new drawings can be used to generate different variations of an elevation or different schemes of a floor plan layout.

Code-compliance review can also be included in the service. These services can be provided based on the clients needs and intentions for the final product.


A 3D model of the building is a basic graphic element from which further information about the project is produced and shared.

The 3D model can be used for a basic volumetric study or it can be a defined building design showing materials and design elements of the project. It can serve the purpose of testing volumetric design options or it can be a detailed final design for a rendered image.

The degree of definition will depend on the clients needs and requirements for the final product. Our models can be produced in various softwares depending on the level of development and detail required. From a 3D model, a final rendering can be produced.

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We enjoy working with clients who appreciate the value of our effort, and who are willing to invest in us.

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